Susquehanna Nuclear will test all sirens that are part of Susquehanna Steam Electric Station’s (“SSES”) Emergency Notification System on Thursday August 19 at 11 a.m. During the test, all sirens within a 10-mile radius of SSES will sound in a steady tone for approximately three minutes.

“We test sirens periodically, with a full-scale test conducted annually, to ensure that the Station’s Emergency Notification System is working properly,” said Jason Jennings, Manager – Security and Emergency Planning. “The sirens are an important part of our Emergency Notification System, signaling the public to tune in to local Emergency Alert System (EAS) radio or television stations for information and instructions. Our proactive testing helps to ensure that the system is ready in the event it is needed.”

After the sirens sound, local EAS radio and television stations will carry a message about the test. Emergency notification features on mobile devices also may be activated during this test. No public action is required during this test.


In addition to notifying the public of SSES events, county emergency management agencies also can use these sirens during other events including floods, chemical spills or severe weather. In all cases, the sirens sounding is not a signal to evacuate, but rather a way to alert individuals to tune in to an EAS television or radio station for information and instructions.


A list of EAS stations can be found in SSES’ Nuclear Emergency Information Brochure, mailed annually to households and businesses in the Station’s 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone, or online at