Benefits of Nuclear

Safe, Carbon-Free, Reliable, Affordable

Nuclear energy is safe, carbon-free, reliable and affordable

...and powers 1 in 5 U.S. homes and businesses.


Nuclear plants are designed with redundant safety systems to withstand the most severe conditions.


Nuclear generates 50% of the nation's carbon-free electricity and 20% of its total electricity.


Nuclear plants operate 24/7/365 making them the ideal zero-carbon complement to wind/solar.


Susquehanna's operational excellence drives affordable electricity for homes and businesses.

Nuclear plants are among the safest, most well-run industrial facilities in the world

Susquehanna has continually been rated within top-level performance characteristics.
Defense-in-Depth Approach

The defense-in-depth approach prevents accidents and releases of radiation through redundant layers of defense so that no single layer is exclusively relied upon.

Rigorous Oversight

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and independent federal agency, provides rigorous oversight and evaluates each plant's performance.

Continuous Improvement

The NRC and the industry routinely analyze events at nuclear plants to identify improvements, leading to enhanced safety.

Track Record of Excellence

In the history of U.S. commercial nuclear energy, there have been no radiation-related health effects linked to their operation.

Nuclear energy is highly efficient and the largest source of carbon-free power in the U.S


All 55 U.S. nuclear plants avoid more carbon emissions annually than the emissions produced by 100 million passenger vehicles.

Highly Efficient

The energy density of uranium and the world-class operations of nuclear plants, make nuclear a highly efficient form of energy.

Small Land Footprint

Nuclear facilities require ~1.3 square miles per 1,000 MW of installed capacity; wind farms require up to 360x as much area to produce the same amount of electricity.

Nuclear is the most reliable source of electricity

Always-on, 24/7/365

Nuclear's always-on power makes it the ideal zero-carbon complement to wind and solar.

Average capacity factor of 93%

In 2021, U.S. nuclear power plants had an average capacity factor of 93%, making nuclear energy by far the most reliable source of energy on the grid.


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