Safety is the overriding focus for the nuclear energy professionals who work at the Susquehanna nuclear power plant near Berwick, Pa. Their commitment to health and safety takes precedence over all other factors in decisions about plant operations.

Susquehanna has two Boiling Water Reactors with a combined capacity of 2,600 megawatts, making it one of the largest nuclear power plants in the U.S. Each reactor generates enough electricity to power about one million homes. That reliable source of electricity drives our regional economy by lighting our homes, hospitals, schools and businesses.

Nuclear energy is part of the mix of traditional and renewable fuel sources needed to generate affordable and reliable power that will ensure our nation’s continued economic vitality.

Susquehanna believes that the environment matters and provides 1,200 acres for public recreation across from the power plant. Thousands of visitors enjoy the outdoors at the Susquehanna Riverlands each year. Susquehanna employees also generously contribute time and money to make our local community stronger.

The Susquehanna plant is owned jointly by Susquehanna Nuclear LLC and Allegheny Electric Cooperative Inc. and is operated by Susquehanna Nuclear.


Nuclear Power Plants are Built to Withstand Earthquakes

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Susquehanna planners ensure that communities surrounding the Susquehanna plant have robust plans ready for any emergency. Learn More
Susquehanna employees volunteer countless hours and donate thousands of dollars to worthy organizations and local events.Learn More