Zero Carbon Energy

U.S. Nuclear Power Plants 9 of Top 10 Generators in 2019: EIA

As posted 10/2/20 by Power

The U.S. nuclear energy sector may be struggling to hold its own in the generation mix, but those plants are once again proving to be the most productive in the nation.

A recent federal Energy Information Administration report showed that nine of the 10 highest-generating power plants in the U.S. […]

You Can’t Have True Energy Independence Without Nuclear Energy

As posted August 21 2020 on

By Dan Brouillette, U.S. Secretary of Energy

In order to secure the economic and security benefits of a true “all-of-the-above” energy agenda, the United States must be at the forefront of nuclear innovation. This is crucial not only for ensuring clean, reliable, and affordable power to the American people, but […]

Nuclear Energy Remains Essential to Electricity Generation Amid COVID-19

As published in the April 30 edition of Morning Consult

Our country is facing an unprecedented crisis. Hospitals are overrun with patients suffering from the swift and sudden impact of COVID-19, compounded by shortages of personal protective equipment and critical ventilators. Grocery stores face significant shortages of essential items.

We cannot allow our country to face […]

Why Refuel a Nuclear Reactor Now?

As posted April 1, 2020 by Nuclear Energy Institute
What is a nuclear power plant refueling outage and why would anybody hold one right now, during a pandemic?
Because a reactor can’t run without fuel. An outage is a brief interruption in power production to swap out old fuel for new, and it happens on a […]

Susquehanna Steam Electric Station Reports Record-Setting Generation for 2019

Station’s units generated record amounts of carbon-free energy while maintaining high levels of safety performance

Susquehanna Nuclear, LLC reported today that for the year 2019, Units 1 and 2 at Susquehanna Steam Electric Station (SSES) generated the highest amount of zero-carbon electricity in the history of the Station. Together, they produced a combined total of […]