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Commentary: Veterans Are the Backbone of Nuclear Power Industry

as published in the November 9, 2019 edition of

Even though he has been gone for 30 years now, I still think about my Dad almost every day. Veterans Day brings a special reminder.

The holiday invites me to pause and reflect on the young man who—just three months past his 17th birthday, while he […]

Opinion: Trump’s Critical Decision on Nuclear Power

as published in the September 2 edition of The Washington Post

In the ongoing mash-up of the tragic and the trifling that is the modern news cycle, one crucial story getting far too little attention is President Trump’s effort to revive the U.S. nuclear power industry. The nuclear fuel cycle is vital to our nation […]

The Nuclear Option

as  published in the Winter 2019 edition of City Journal

At the heart of the sprawling Indian Point Energy Center, 30 miles up the Hudson River from Manhattan, stands a modest, oblate structure easy to overlook at first glance. The plant’s massive, torpedo-shaped containment domes, which shelter Indian Point’s two active nuclear reactors, dominate the […]

Nuclear Power Still Makes Sense

As published in the June 14, 2019 edition of The Oklahoman

The HBO series “Chernobyl” has given viewers another reason to fear nuclear power. Fair enough. But the discerning viewer will note that the horrific effects of the 1986 reactor plant explosion were directly related to the former Soviet Union’s incompetence, bureaucracy and propaganda machine.

The […]

NEI Fact Sheet: Safely Managing Used Nuclear Fuel

link to this educational fact sheet created by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) to learn more about used nuclear fuel.

Key Facts

Nuclear power plants generate electricity for one in five U.S. homes and businesses, collectively producing about 2,000 metric tons of used nuclear fuel rods each year. If this volume were divided among individuals served […]